Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Greenwood Cemetery - Grand Rapids, MI

The day is August 26th, 2017. My friend Auzz has accompanied me to an investigation in a cemetery she deemed to be haunted by something after she had witnessed the morgue door open by itself years ago. During this investigation, we did not hear anything when we asked questions or provoked the spirits, but when we went home and analyzed the audio, it was a different story.

Almost as soon as we started recording, something tells us to "Go Away". After that, a more stern and sudden voice decides to tell us to "Get Out", and then another time after that it tells us to "Go Away". The voices almost sound frustrated with Auzz and I for whatever reason. I have no idea if this was the spirits trying to tell me to get out for my own good or because they had become angered and did not want us there. Whatever the cause may be, it is still unsettling to hear something of this magnitude from an entity I'm not able to see.


During the recording, there is also a disembodied voice that sounds like it is trying to communicate intelligently, I just couldn't make out what it was trying to tell me. What's even more strange about this was it was not far from when I saw a shadow cross in front of the morgue light that is located in front of the building. This would also not be the last time that a shadow would show itself in front of both of us, as if wanting to make sure we knew its presence.


After we had been taunting for a little while longer, we saw another shadow pass, but this time it was off of a headstone that was reflecting the morgue lights. Not too far after, we had captured an EVP of something telling us to "Get out of here", but this time the voice sounded like it was almost human. There is a sound of lips opening and the strange sound you hear when you have a lot of moisture in your mouth. The entity seems even more frustrated at this point.


All in all, these spirits most likely did not want us disturbing them or even being near the cemetery. In my opinion, I believe that the Greenwood Cemetery in Grand Rapids, MI is one of the most haunted spots that I have ever had the privilege of investigating. If there is a need for it, I may go back just to see what these frustrated spirits are up to and why they are this way. Listen the EVP's on my soundcloud and let me know what you think of the recording. Thanks for reading and tell me if you have any significant stories of the paranormal because that's what I love researching.


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Facebook Page

I also have a Facebook page in which you can follow to get the latest updates about investigations and info.

Monday, March 21, 2016

We're Back

We haven't been doing any investigations as I gave up on learning more about the paranormal. When you see a lot of paranormal "investigators" talking based on paranoia and suspision, I beg to wonder whether their claims are significant enough to add to any data that has been gathered about the other realm. In fact, most of their claims and evidence were nothing but a bunch of pictures with outlines or people shouting that their evidence was genuine when I debunked most of it and found it all to be faulty. The "other dimension" is nothing to lie about, and since I don't want to complain about what I found, I decided that it would be best to once again show the world what real investigating is all about. I want to find answers, but most of all, I want real evidence and honest answers. I imagine that's what you're looking for as well. So if you have a claim or a sighting or anything outside of the norm to report, please email me and I'll be happy to check it out.

Check out this old EVP, let me know what you think.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Ouija Boards

Ouija Boards for Christmas?

First of all, I will start off with saying that I do not believe Ouija Boards are all that bad, if used right. The soul purpose of the board is to contact spirits and other entities from dimensions other than ours, and that's exactly what it does. I believe it is all on motive and energies that you yourself give off, and giving off bad energy is not exactly the best way to talk to something "good".

The spirit board game is to be taken seriously, and without the proper etiquette, can be dangerous. I urge you this holiday season to not buy a Ouija board, and if you end up purchasing one, at least I warned you.

While I played with a Ouija board when I was young until this very day, it has done some harm. Let me give you a glimpse into what I've experienced while messing around with one. When I was a kid, my parents happened to have the game in their collection, so my brother, sister, and I decided to play it. We started asking it simple questions like "who are you?", and "are you human?", because that seemed right to ask. It spelled out "Xavier" on the board and we were all a little freaked out because we had never heard of that word in our then short lives. Whatever we were talking to proceeded to try and show itself to us (of course we asked), and it happened to manifest itself into my sisters dolls. These dolls were looking at us, and we knew we weren't just crazy because they were leaning in toward us and were slightly moving. One crucial element when using a Ouija board is to say "goodbye" once you are done using it, we forgot to.

This is just one instance with the game, but there are many like it among people who have used the boards. If you want a haunted Christmas, be my guest.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ghost Hunting Tips

Ghost Hunting Tips

Sometimes you have to admit to yourself that you may have arrived unprepared, and in those cases you can only blame yourself. This is just a walk through of what I do so that I can get the most concrete evidence possible. Most people think that when you go "ghost hunting" that you just do what the hunters on television do. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG. Even the paranormal investigators on TV do a lot of research on a house or about a certain entity before they show themselves gathering evidence. Ghost Adventures is now a sad excuse for this thing called evidence. They, in my opinion, make people not believe in the paranormal by acting like something is happening, and I have to admit that before season 6 they were legitimate. We ourselves try to explore the cause of an occurrence without first thinking that it's a paranormal instance. Well enough of me rambling, here are those tips that your probably going to need if your into this kind of thing.

  1. Make sure that you always have at least 3 people, including you. going to investigate because with two people, it may only be your imagination. Try with two and you may understand what I'm talking about.
  2. Never make things up- If your the compulsive liar type and just want things to seem "creepy" then this hobby is not for you. Make people believe using actual evidence, not what you want them to believe.
  3. Try not to stir things up too much or you may have wished that you had never gotten into this sort of thing. Only demonologists should conjure up serious entities, and if you feel that you'd make a great demonologist, go ahead, but make sure that you are careful.
  4. When it comes to evil entities, never try to befriend the dark energy. It's never harmful to speak to a demon, but as soon as your slighted, they will find a way to influence you into letting themselves into your body. No one likes when someone makes them do something they don't want.
  5. If you believe in the energy's of objects, then you may want to carry around some sage or a silver coin. evil energies cannot handle gold, silver, or sage as they are a sign of purity. When using a Ouija board this is very helpful when warding off evil. Sometimes you let things in you don't want to, even if its within the realm of this dimension.
  6. Video recorders, cameras, and voice recorders are a popular association with ghost hunting, but sometimes things can go terribly wrong with these devices batteries, so always make sure to bring a couple extra batteries. There's been numerous times where I have had to change out batteries that I charged all day because of an entity absorbing the energy. 
  7. Don't disrespect the people or the residence in which you're investigating as this may bring negative vibes into a residence. It will almost definitely stir up things that you don't want there. Humanoid and non-humanoid energies alike dislike when their surroundings are renovated. I still don't understand why non-human spirits are angry when this happens, but they do.

These are just some of the basics when you go into an investigation, and there are plenty more. For right now though, I think these will get most people by for the time being. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me If you also know of any hot spots that we are able to investigate, it would be appreciated, and we will definitely do an investigation, no matter how tough.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Evidence at the house in Alto, MI

    So the story usually goes that an investigation team went over to someone's residence and setup all their equipment and starting hearing random disturbances in their earphones or on camera. Our's weren't disturbances, they were voices heard by our team. First you have to understand that the people were sleeping in the living room upstairs (though it wasn't much of a disturbance) and that was one of the hot spots I wanted to check out, but some things cannot be done without sounding rude. 

The Investigation

    To start off, we went into the basement where we immediately were feeling chills down our spine and almost a sensation of something crawling up our backs. We got our equipment ready and started to record some video in the storage room (where I previously saw an apparition of a shadow figure) and things started to pick up there. Numerous times while in that room, we would hear something whispering right in our ears and the occasional object moving. I don't believe we caught it on camera, but everyone on the team heard the same whisper with the same deep tone of voice. No more than 5 minutes later my Night vision camera was drained of its battery, and that battery was charged for the whole day prior. 

    We then moved on to just sitting in the living room and seeing what would happen if we acted as if we were just visiting. As we sat in the dark, Anna proceeded to ask me "what?" as if I had said something and I didn't say anything. She then jumped up from the chair because something had said "honey" right next to her. In the recording it only sounds like the wick on a dynamite stick starting to burn, which we also found interesting as that wasn't explainable. While sitting we also noticed some things moving on their own and other weird noises.

    Now it was off to Taylor's room to see if any of the claims of paranormal activity he was having in there were true. We began by asking questions and trying to talk to whatever spirit it was in his room, and to our surprise, we captured it talking. I had asked it if it was true whether it was the one in the room, and it replied "I don't know" with a very fast voice. The only other experience we had in there was feeling like something watching us and the closet door opening a little bit while we were in the pitch black room.

    We all noticed that after that there was pretty much no activity happening in any of the other rooms that we investigated. Everyone felt as if the spirit was trying to get away from us and not make anymore contact. Then there was something that caught our eyes while filming on my other camera. All of us wanted to go out for a smoke break, so I placed the camera facing the hallway in the basement. About 3 minutes into the recording a darkness started to form at the end of the hallway and go towards the camera. The even more weird part is, is that the LED attachment I have on the camera was just as bright when we came back downstairs as it was when we went outside.

    Now you ask yourself, do I deem this residence haunted? After the small amount of evidence that we gathered, I would not consider this house haunted. I do think there are a couple of spirits that are lingering around that have unfinished business. We had more luck when we were interviewing the family about the experiences, and at that time, I would've considered the house haunted. All I can base my opinions on is the evidence that was acquired. The happenings in the house are unexplainable, which is why I cannot say for sure of what lingers on their property.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Finally, a house investigation

For a while we emailed a lady who described her kids paranormal experiences with their house and surrounding the yard. A couple weeks later, we met with said lady and found out that the person most effected by the energies in their house was the 19-year old son of hers named Taylor. His girlfriend elaborated on the subject and also told us about her experiences while staying at their house.

Taylor described his experiences as haunting and puts a large amount of fear in his life. The first thing he told us about was that he will not sleep in his room in the basement because of some entity messing with him while he sleeps, as well as nightmares ensuing only while he slept in that room. There is a figure that stands in the corner by the closet and makes him feel like he's being watched throughout the night. Now he sleeps on the couch in the living room. He also spoke of his friend who died in their living room last January, and how he believes that his spirit is roaming their residence.

One personal experience I had while I was there is when we headed downstairs, and I looked into the storage room on the left, at the bottom of the stairs, and saw a very opaque shadow man walk into the wall. I decided to not state this until later as I didn't want it to bias the information needed to start our investigation. While in the room, my wife had her purse tugged on by nothing explainable, and when I stood in front of the TV, I was pushed on the shoulder into the TV with nothing there pushing me.

His girlfriend told us that she had seen a phantom of an old man by the sliding glass door. What was significant about this is that 20 years prior another woman said she had seen the old man outside the sliding door, and both stories were described the same in detail. Taylor's mom was also very informative with this story. During the middle of the night, you can hear footsteps going up and down the stairs for elongated periods of time, according to his girlfriend.

Animals have always been said to see the paranormal world and whimper. They have 3 dogs that will not go downstairs no matter what. I thought to myself that this might mean there's a somewhat evil energy lingering in their basement.

This house is an investigation I look forward to because its a tale of violence, fear, and not knowing what is lingering at the residence. Our physical investigation will be this coming Saturday, and I will be accompanied by my fellow investigators Angela and Anna. We have 1 night vision camcorder, a camera, and a regular camcorder, as well as our phones for recording EVP's. This is going to be one "hell of a night".